Delhi Data Management Solutions
Image Conversion
The first step of this management is to scan all the paper documents so that they are made digital images in file formats accessible from any computer platform (such as PDF, JPEG, TIF file). The length and cost of the scanning project greatly depends on the condition of your documents.

Are they mainly loose-leaf and ready to feed into a scanner? Or are they intricately filed, stapled, bound, and full of sticky notes that must be removed and replaced?

If you want the files into Word format, then the scanning process must include optical character recognition (OCR), which can take a bit longer and add some expense (for Formatting, Proofreading & editing), but the result is that you may later search, edit to any word in any document. We offer document imaging services to convert your paper documents to electronic documents.

Our conversion services include the following:
  • Archive your documents to CD.
  • Provide back-file conversions of your existing documents for active filing.