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The retrieval system uses information about the documents, including index and text, to find images stored in the system. A good retrieval system makes finding the right documents fast and easy. Documents are scanned, coded, added to a folder and hosted in the right place. From which you can search and retrieve the documents you need. Put your boxes of paper into storage as necessary and enjoy the luxury of a paperless repository. You may find any required document at a click by adding key code.

Once documents have been entered and indexed within an imaging system, rapid retrieval is a must. Users need to be able to use common sense tools to find any document within the system based on the most logical method. In some cases, this means using text, in other cases it would be based on the document folder or index field information. Whatever the method, document retrieval must be simple and user-friendly.

Users who are familiar with a document’s text should be able to use that information to find what they want. To assist searches, an imaging system needs to combine different criteria into one comprehensive search.

The same is true for index field information. A full-featured imaging system have user-definable template fields. Having the flexibility to combine template searches along with text and document names offers users the greatest control of their documents. A good imaging system makes retrieval of relevant documents fast, easy and efficient.