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Indexing and Coding
Indexes are the fields of data which are assigned to each document image. These are the keywords which will later be used to find the images. Indexing can also be the most time consuming portion of the entire imaging process.

A document imaging system have a widespread indexing system that organizes documents for future use. The index system creates an organized document filing system and makes future retrieval simple and efficient. A fine indexing system makes existing procedures and systems more effective. There are 3 popularly working and used ways to organize electronic documents in an imaging system.
  • Indexing words inside the document
  • Storing documents in folders
  • Assigning index fields to a document
However, Indexing using specific fields is the most popular and economical method. It allows the user to access the document based on indexed fields used for identification. Indexing by words (within the document) is very expensive since it calls for manual editing of each document which is impossible for very large number of documents.